Miner and Son wood Carving

Parc Slip from Agriculture to mining to conservation & Agriculture the journey…

At the end of June after the Summer Solstice we visited Parc Slip Nature Reserve on a warm but damp day – #Wales will never disappoint!

The new Heritage Trail has been added to the rest of the activities and we were eager to see. The damp weather gave us a fresh aroma of the countryside.

The trail is a series of monuments, interpretation boards and wood sculptures that takes you on the journey of Parc Slip.

  • 1860 the site was opened as a drift mine
  • 26th August the day of St Mary Hill Fair 1892, an explosion underground took it’s toll and claimed the lives of 112 men and boys .
  • 1904 the mine closed
  • 1960’s the area was used for Opencast mining
  • 1980’s saw the restoration of the area and the backfill of the land and the development of the conservation area.

The 300 acre site is now a flourishing conservation site boasting a large range of birds and wildlife all finding its way to the area on their own, the plants are diverse but some have been introduced along the way giving a carpet of beauty to the meadows and verges.

We were lucky to spot a Poplar Hawk Moth resting on a leaf sheltered from the rain, a coot on the lake with her young, a Bridgend Ambassador in a willow Owl hut and a wooden carved statue of a miner and son off to work.

With the changing seasons and weather I believe Parc Slip can provide many unique adventures and to start or end each adventure I recommend the cake and coffee from the Cafe.


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