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About us….

….off the beaten track in Wales?…

Bridgend County stretches from the Glamorgan coastline deep into the countryside and to the top of 3 valleys Llynfi , Garw and Ogmore we have a diverse environment and stunning scenery. The whole county is steeped in history and full of welsh characters happy to share their stories and Legends.

An Ambassador programme that enhances visitor experience in Bridgend County for residents and travellers alike,gives you access to some of those characters. We will be bringing you some of their stories soon…..

Our mission is

  • Enhance Bridgend’s reputation as a visitor destination
  • Work harder- together to provide a distinctive experience for our visitors
  • Care more- for our visitors and the landscape that attracts them
  • Aim further-in our aspirations for a sustainable destination
  • Share more- our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all.